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DIY and Hardware

If you want to add DIY and hardware products to your shopping, you can’t miss this section of Edwin & Margaret. You’ll find toolboxes, drills, paint rollers and many more tools at the best prices.

Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100105
If you love ironmongery and also like to have your tools organized and well-kept, the 360/6 Screwlett screwdriver with tips dispenser is essential for your home. It has a practical and convenient system to screw and unscrew as it features a rotatory head in which you can keep the tips.Incl..
Brand: Brennenstuhl Model: 00149814
Up to 96 on/off switching times per day can be set Shortest switching time 15mins Easy to set childproof socket ..
Brand: Iggual Model: S0207884
If you're passionate about IT and electronics, like being up to date on technology and don't miss even the slightest details, buy Cable Organiser iggual IGG314432 10 m 12 mm at an unbeatable price...
Brand: Gadget and Gifts Model: V0300560
Surprise everyone with the original Gadget and Gifts casette tape measure! It makes a great gift!Made from plasticApprox. length of tape: 150 cmAutomatic withdrawal buttonApprox. dimensions: 8 x 5 x 1.5 cmRandom colours sent based on stock availabilityPoint of sale display free with the purchase of ..
Brand: Gadget and Gifts Model: V0300561
The Gadgets and Gifts tape measure is very useful. Its small size makes it ideal for taking with you everywhere!Made from plasticLength of tape approx.: 150 cmAutomatic withdrawal buttonApprox. width and height: 5 x 1 cmRandom colours sent based on stock availabilityFree display case with the purcha..
Brand: INNOVAGOODS Model: V0100447
If you are looking for an infallible adhesive, here is the InnovaGoods Home Tools fast UV light liquid plastic welder adhesive! A simple and effective method to stick a multitude of objects with maximum speed and ease. Unlike other common adhesives and glues, this innovative infallible glue allows y..
Model: V0000124
Are you a DIY handyman or want to become one? Get the handy Multipurpose Turbo PWR Work tool now! You'll be able to drill, cut, sharpen, engrave, grind, carve, polish, trim, mill, etc. You can use it on many different materials, such as aluminium plates, timber cladding, plastic, plywood, wooden flo..
Brand: Craftenwood Model: S0101708
Renew your home with Nogal Collection! You'll find numerous products with which to give your home's furniture or decor that seal of identity you were looking for.If you want to add a touch of originality to your home, you will do so with nature tv stand 2 walnut drawers - Nogal Collection by Craften..
Model: V0100408
At last, there is a solution for painting your house in a clean and simple way! We present you No·Gravity Paint Non Spill Paint Tray which has a cloth base that sticks to the tray and prevents paint from dripping or spilling, even when the tray falls or is turned upside down.Enables the simultaneous..
Model: V0100393
If you're a DIY person, and you love to make your own creations with different materials, the PWR WORK Compact All Materials mini circular saw is just what you need. This electric saw will help you perfect your DIY skills with precision and safety, with the three different cutting disks included (ap..
Model: D1510146
If you value having all the necessary tools for reparing things and do it on your own at home, the PWR Work double blade cutter should be in your home. With this practical 2-in-1 you'll be able to cut accurately with the small blade, and to cut cables or ropes with its bent blade.Made of plasticErgo..
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