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Educational games and games of skill

Educational games and games of skill

Discover the best educational and skill games on the market in at Honesty Sales! Buy our articles and discover everything we can offer you.

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3D-RAW Magic Pen

If you love drawing in 3D, the 3D·RAW magic pen is just what you need to let your imaginat..


3D·Ubik Magic Cube

Have fun and exercise your mind with 3D·Ubik magic cube! A game of skill inspired by the popula..


Archaeology Game for Children

Presenting the archaeology game for children, ideal for the little scientists in your house! This en..


Ball & Bug Metal Ball with Friction

Ball & Bug Metal Ball with Friction. It will remind you of those toy cars long time ago that you cou..


Basketball Game for Bathtub (3 pieces)

Make children's bathtime more more fun with the amusing basketball games for bathtub (3 pieces). Enj..


Children’s Abacus with Double Blackboard

Wake up your children's interest for Maths with the children's abacus with double board! A fun and e..


Earth Ball SOLD OUT

Earth Ball

Would you like to hold the world in your arms? Now it's possible with this fabulous Earth ball! This..


Game of Wooden Blocks with Trolley (9 pieces)

Buy educational toys such as the game of wooden blocks with trolley (9 pieces) and you'll develop yo..


Giant Newton Cradle SOLD OUT

Giant Newton Cradle

Newton's Cradle is an object which never goes out of fashion! It is the perfect gift for physics lov..


Junior Knows Air Football Set with LED

If you have little footballers in the house, they will love the original and fun Junior Knows air fo..


Junior Knows Funny Ladder Game of Skill for Children

Challenge your little ones with this original game that will stimulate their creativity. The Junior ..


Junior Knows Solar System Planets Set SOLD OUT

Junior Knows Solar System Planets Set

The Junior Knows Solar System planets set is a perfect way to awaken your little ones' curiosity abo..


Knitting Set with Accessories

Don't miss out on the knitting set with accessories so that the little ones at home can go around in..


Mini Excavation Game

Awaken the love of science in young children with the mini excavation game! You will see what fun th..


Playz Kidz Drinking Straws Game (194 pieces)

Give the little ones at home a game which awakens their imagination! With the Playz Kidz drinki..