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Item Organisers

Item Organisers

Don't miss the item organizers that Honesty Sales offers you in this section of its catalogue at incredible prices! The best way of maintaining order in the home is now within your reach!

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360º Hanger Electric Tie Rack

The 360º Hanger electric tie rack is ideal for keeping your ties organised and means you will always..


All in 1 Purse Handbag Organiser with Light SOLD OUT

All in 1 Purse Handbag Organiser with Light

With the All in 1 Purse handbag organiser with light you won't have to rummage again in your handbag..


TakeTokio Bamboo Cutlery Tray SOLD OUT

TakeTokio Bamboo Cutlery Tray

Keep your cutlery drawer tidy and organised with this beautiful TakeTokio bamboo cutlery tray! Made ..


Vintage Coconut Wall Organiser with Chalkboard

If you're looking for something unusual to include in your homes' vintage decoration, you'll love th..


Wagon Trend Star Organiser Bags (Pack of 3)

Organise and decorate your home with the original Wagon Trend Star organiser bags (Pack of 3)! Very ..


Wooden Tissue Box

You can now organise and keep paper tissues in the elegant Wooden Tissue Box! Perfect for keeping ti..