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At Edwin and Margaret, you can find the best relaxation products, such as our exclusive massagers.

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Beetle Massager SOLD OUT

Beetle Massager

The Beetle massager is a great gadget which comes in the form of a beetle. This massager is highly u..


Bright Look Eye Massager

Worried about unsightly bags or dark circles under your eyes? The revolutionary Bright Look eye mass..


Hair Force One Laser Massage Hair Brush

Get healthier and stronger hair with the Hair Force One Laser Massage Hair Brush! A simple and econo..


InnovaGoods Cylindrical Massage Cushion

We're sure that a good massage would do you the world of good whenever you feel you need it! Now you..


InnovaGoods Massager with Acupressure Points

The solution to your muscular problems is here with the InnovaGoods Wellness Care massager with acup..


InnovaGoods Massager with Infrared LEDs 28W Grey White

Enjoy the beneficial effects of the new InnovaGoods Wellness Relax massager with infrared LEDs! A mo..


InnovaGoods Thermal Foot Massager with Pressotherapy 45W White/Blue

Look after your feet and help them to relax completely, achieving a feeling of well-being with the I..


InnovaGoods Vibrating Body Massager

Get a relaxing and rewarding massage at home with the great InnovaGoods Wellness Relax vibrating bod..


Luxy Massager

Get a pleasant feeling of relaxation on any part of your body or face with the Luxy massager!Made of..


Primizima Rainbow Wire Head Massager

Stimulate hair growth with the Primizima Rainbow wire head massager! This hand massager is perfect f..


Relax Cushion Foot Massager-Warmer

Don't deprive yourself of the pleasure of a relaxing massage with the Relax Cushion foot massag..


Relax Cushion Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Say goodbye to stress and muscle pain with the fabulous Relax Cushion shiatsu massage cushion! ..


Vibro Yoga Roll BTK Massager

Combine exercise and relaxation with the Vibro Yoga Roll BTK Massager! Its vibrating massage is very..


Wire Scalp Massager SOLD OUT

Wire Scalp Massager

Do you constantly live under the effects of stress? Now you can reduce them thanks to this wire scal..