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Douwe Egberts Ground Filter Coffee 1kg

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Case of 6
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Case: Case of 6, Case of 1
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Douwe Egberts Ground Filter Coffee 1kg

Ground Coffee

Medium roast

Designed for filter style coffee machines

Especially ground for filter machines, our beans are expertly blended and roasted to bring a rich and smooth aromatic taste to savour.


Handling and Cooking


The aroma and flavour of ground coffee can be affected by contact with light and air. Once opened, we recommend storing this pack in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.


How to prepare the perfect cup of Filter coffee Pre-warm your coffee jug with boiled water. Add coffee to filter: one dessert spoon per person depending on how strong you like your coffee. Shake the filter to level the coffee then slowly pour a little hot water into the centre. After the 'bloom', when the coffee swells, continue to slowly pour the rest of the water through the grounds. Allow all of the water to filter through, then remove filter. Serve, share and enjoy!


Product Packaging Information

Type Bag - Plastic

Additional Information

Case of 6, Case of 1