Ors Olive Oil Fix-it No-grease Creme Styler 5 Oz - Honesty Sales U.K
Ors Olive Oil Fix-it No-grease Creme Styler 5 Oz - Honesty Sales U.K

Ors Olive Oil Fix-it No-grease Creme Styler 5 Oz

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Ors Olive Oil Fix-it No-grease Creme Styler 5 Oz

  • CONCENTRATED formula to REVITALIZE, define and add luster to wavy & curly wigs, weaves, and natural hairstyles.
  • MOISTURIZING non-greasy style crème specifically formulated to revitalize and DEFINE wavy & curly hairstyles.
  • FORMULATED with nourishing Olive Oil and STRENGTHENING Castor Oil to help protect and promote healthy hair.
  • RESTORES moisture without weighing down, adds natural shine, tames frizz, non-flaking, and nourishes strands.
  • For edges and STYLING multiples hairstyles: Enhance, glue, hold and finish your hairstyle without repeating the process.


Moisturizing non-greasy style crème formulated to revitalize and define wavy & curly wigs weaves and natural hairstyles while nourishing and promoting healthy-looking hair with Olive Oil and Castor Oil.


Olive Oil: delivers incredible moisture and shine
Castor Oil: helps strengthen and promotes healthy hair
Panthenol: helps strengthen hair, moisturizes, and helps prevent dehydration
Wheat Protein: moisturizes and strengthens hair to help prevent breakage

For defining curls & waves, apply on damp hair, in sections using two pea-size amounts of product. Evenly distribute the crème throughout each section using fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or a paddle brush. Continue to style as desired.
For taming fly-aways or frizzy edges, use one pea-size amount of the crème on the desired areas and smooth with fingertips or a brush.
Pro Tip: For best results, use a small amount of Fix-It Wave & Curl Reviving Crème Styler on damp hair to avoid the crunch.
This styling cream is useful for smooth and defining curls for weaves, wigs, or natural hair. Their main components are oils rich in Olive Oil, Argan oil, Jojoba, and Wheat protein. Revitalizes, smooths, and conditions curly and straight hair.