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Unigloves 100 Black Pearl Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

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BK-Size: Medium


BK-Case: Case of 10

Case of 10
Case of 1
BK-Size: Medium, Large
BK-Case: Case of 10, Case of 1
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Unigloves 100 Black Pearl Nitrile Powder Free Gloves 


Disposable gloves provide an excellent biological barrier when working on your vehicle. Not only can they look after your skin and nails, but they also reduce the risks of cross contamination and ingesting harmful substances.

These Black nitrile powder free gloves are soft and robust with excellent grip qualities. They have traditionally been used in the tattooing industry – however they are becoming increasingly mainstream in both mechanical and industrial environments. The nitrile material mimics latex providing a stretchy glove. The gloves are made to an AQL of 1.5 and conform to the relevant EN 455 and EN 374 standards Part 1-3. Each pack includes 100 gloves (50 pairs).

Unigloves is a premium quality manufacturer and supplier of latex and non-latex gloves. The company was established in 1988 and produces over 700,000,000 latex gloves per year. Their guiding principle is safety through quality and this is followed strictly from the supply of raw materials to the finished product.


Colour Name: Black


Size Name: L (100 Pieces), Pack of 4


Style Name: GP0034


Material    Nitrile




Size    L (100 Pieces), Pack of 4


Colour    Black


Special feature    Cut Resistant


About this item

  • Manufactured from premium quality black Nitrile for excellent resistance to cuts, tears and abrasions
  • Latex free to reduce the risk of allergic reaction
  • Powder Free construction ensures the risk of contamination is minimized
  • Designed specifically for Tattooist & Body Piercing applications, offering a 'non-slip' grip and textured fingertips
  • Ambidextrous fitting


Additional Information

Medium, Large


Case of 10, Case of 1