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Solar Line

Discount sun care range at Honesty Sales is designed for you. Among our exclusive products with 100 % original brands, you’ll find the best sun protection in face and body sun creams, self-tanning lotion, melanin activators, after-sun and much more.

Model: V0700109
Do you need an effective facial sun cream? Protect the skin on your face and neck from the damage the sun can cause with Bronzana facial sun cream SPF50! An excellent facial sun cream for daily use.Capacity: 75 mLWater resistantCompatible with all skin typesCosmetic product for external use Does not..
Brand: Clinique Model: S0525017
Corrective Anti-Brown Spots Clinique 17689 is what you need to maximise your appeal! Try the quality of 100% original Clinique products and let the best professionals enhance your beauty.Gender: LadyCapacity: 10 ml..