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Toys for babies

At Honest Sales you’ll find the best variety of baby toys at the best prices on the market. From our catalog you’ll be able to buy toys with which babies will develop their imagination and interact with shapes, colours, sounds and textures.

Brand: Junior knows Model: 5802
Now your baby can entertain the whole family with its first musical compositions thanks to the incredible baby toy piano! This baby piano will fascinate your baby with its coloured lights, and its musical and animal sounds. Ideal for babies to play and develop their senses. Perfect gift idea. Recomm..
Model: H0500257
If you like the idea of decorating your body, but don't fancy the idea of permanent tattoos, the Bijou Tattou temporary tattoos are the perfect solution. With this pack of 4 sheets of temporary tattoos, you can show of beautiful body art whenever you like, and take it off whenever you like too!These..
Brand: One Model: 9832
Help the little ones to develop their fine and gross psychomotor skills with the fun children's car park with case. With it, they can move cars up and down with the lift and via the ramps, decorate it with the included stickers, and fold it so everything is orderly put away in a fun, small circular ..
Brand: Junior knows Model: 6434
If you've got a baby in the family or you want to find an original and educational gift for a little one, don't hesitate to buy the clock with light and sounds. This toy for toddlers will help them to learn the numbers in English as they associate the figures on the clock face with the corresponding..
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