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Do you need a good quality umbrellas to buy? In this section you’ll find a wide variety of styles and models: bubble, transparent, folding and children’s umbrellas, etc. Enjoy the advantages and discounts that Honesty Sales offer you!

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If you're looking for an unusual gift for kids, you're going to love this kids' umbrella! This bright, colourful and original umbrella for kids is simply irresistible. Design inspired by animals and objects (ladybird, frog, ball...). Approx. measures: 60 cm (length) and 70 cm (diameter)...
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The Polka Dot folding umbrella will be your ideal companion on rainy days! An automatic umbrella, with a spotted design, that includes a storage sleeve. Metallic structure, plastic handle and a 100 % polyester canopy. Approx. diameter: 90 cm. Length when folded: approx. 23 cm. Length when unfolded: ..
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Children deserve the best, that's why we present to you Umbrella Cars 259, ideal for those who seek quality products for their little ones! Get Cars and other brands and licences at the best prices!Approx. dimensions: Ø 45 cmMaterial: PolyesterMetalColour: Red..
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Don´t let the rainy weather spoil your plans! This fun Wagon Trend Flamingo standing umbrella will make your days seem less grey! A fantastic umbrella with a very original design in shape of a flamingo, that can stand upright. Made of polyester, metal and plastic With a stand all..
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Do you already know the Wine Bottle umbrella? It's an elegant umbrella in the shape of a wine bottle. It's available in four different random designs. Bottle measures: approx. 31 x 5 cm (length x diameter). Umbrella length: approx. 61 cm (folded: approx. 29 cm). Diameter: approx. 90 cm. Have you eve..
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